Whitley Strieber, New York Times Bestselling Author of Critical Mass, his new novel Hybrids


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Q. David Jacobs who specializes in Alien abduction cases has gone on record as saying that he believes hybrids are here among us. There seems to be a lot of writing on this subject lately. Is everyone right? Is everyone wrong? Are some writers simply following the theories of others? Where do you stand in the evolution of these hybrid ideas?
by Gene Lubin, July 10, 2012
A. Obviously, nobody can be sure. I have written about my experiences with such people in Solving the Communion Enigma. I think that they exist.
Q. Hi whitley. I m a paeditaric doctor at the royal childrens hospital in Brisbane Australia. I have bee disturbed by recent families who described hybrid children in their family (on on earth). MY patients overall seem distressed by their interactions with these hybrids and really don't understand that they are "galactic brothers and sisters) I have no ide how approach their issues . I am very open minded and i look to you as the go to person to help me develop insight into something i never would have thought existed until now. Raised and practicing a catholic I too am finding i hard to take then stories these chil dren at face value. Bt there diversitybin sos=cio-economic demographics and similarly of story suggest to me that at least the stroies must be partialy based in reality. aIf you have any ideas on how to council these children or support group i could contact them i to , i would be much apprecaitive. MAny thanks, Mchael Reading MD
by DR MIchael Reading, August 7, 2011
A. I just don't know if it is possible to take the stories at face value yet. It would seem to me that we need some sort of empirical evidence in the form of anomalous physical structures, DNA evidence, etc., before going to the next step. To me, counseling of children who have this belief should certainly involve the whole family, and should address the problems being experienced in a conventional manner rather than proceeding from any assumption that the claim of hybrid origin might be factually true. Study is, unfortunately, lacking, so there really doesn't seem to be a viable alternative.
Q. I have read all of your visitor books and digested them and thought about them hopefully well enough to be able to pick out most of the (what you believe to be) factual elements of your "faction" story, Hybrids. Hopefully without posting a spoiler, I'm wondering about the evolution of intelligently designed beings. How much of your story do you feel is fact on this subject, how much is a probable natural progression, and how much is a conveyance to deliver your story line? Sorry if that's too bold a question. Thanks!
by Pharaoh, June 15, 2011
A. The creation of biological machines and intelligent machines are largely human phenomena. We will take this as far as we can, no question.
Q. I remember reading once that you found many cigarette butts in the forest behind your upstate New York cabin and feared the person hiding back there might be schizophrenic. Am I correct that your opinion of him changed over time--that you eventually came to consider him perhaps as a protector? What changed your opinion of him, and what are your insights into why this possible hybrid was so intent on keeping tabs on you?
by Eric Dunn, April 17, 2011
A. It became obvious that he was no ordinary human being. He may well have been schizophrenic, though. Something was terribly wrong with him. We came to look on him as a sort of guardian at a time when some local people were becoming very threatening to us.
Q. In regards to the hybrid that you stated lived in the woods behind your house, how did you know he was a hybrid? How can one distinguish such hybrids? What common factors do they all seem to share as in looks, personality, etc. ?
Anon, April 16, 2011
A. I have assumed that it was a hybrid because it had the same testy, frantic affect that characterized the grays that I had previously encountered. I cannot say with certainty what it was, though. I have only the one experience, so I cannot draw any more broad conclusions.
Q. If I'm reading right, it seems that a common characteristic of hybrids is mental instability or disorder. Since they seem to be incompetent of normal social integration, what other attributes have you noticed? Do they all tend to smoke or appear to use other substances in larger than normal amounts? I don't get why if created, hybrids would be left to roam the streets unless there is yet another experiment surrounding the fact that they appear to be doing just that. Your take?
by Tony Altis, April 16, 2011
A. The ones I saw were very disturbed. Whether they were hybrids or some other sort of experiment I don't know, but they were obviously in distress.
Q. Whitley, I am from Texas as well and there are certain similarities in your story of growing up there with mine. I am younger than you but I remember walking through the pines of East Texas at night and a certain energy was certainly felt. I have seen many strange things and as a child, though never found them overly ominous or overtly sinister, but I always felt they were not normal if that word is correct. Do you believe that certain people are regularly tested for some purpose to ascertain a sort of base-line to the overall readiness for new and mind altering knowledge? I have been in an extremely self centering phase of my life for the last couple of years as I have gone through unemployment and of course the life changes that delivers. I am an avid unknowncountry fan and would appreciate your insight.
by James, April 15, 2011
A. I think that vast numbers of people have these experiences. We live in a sort of enclosure where things appear very linearly structured and the physical is the only thing that most people can see. But this is only a small part of the real world, and some of us have ended up on the fence, as it were. I don't know that people are regularly tested. I think what happens is that some of us notice that the world around us is really not as we're told to believe, and when we peer through the cracks in the fence, as it were, the real world--the outside world--will sometimes stare back. Occasionally, it will also pick us up and give us a look-over, then put us back in our place--usually. We're in a little cottage that we have decided to call "reality." But it's really very small, and too small for you, which is why you go to Unknowncountry. My website is for people who prefer life on the fence. Adventurers.
Q. Are you basing the concept of 'hybrids' on yourself and your own desperation?
Anon, April 15, 2011
A. Of course my characters are based on me to some extent, they must be. But I don't feel any sense of desperation. I do feel a sense of disquiet that life has brought me so much strangeness in a world where such things are entirely rejected by the people who run the place. But under the thin layer of atheist, linear-thinking intellectual elite who now seem to hold all the cards in the culture, is building a new society of people who are equally rigorous intellectuals but who also have a much deeper, more multi-dimensional vision of reality. I am very proud to be a leading--or at least exceptionally noisy--member of this exciting community.
Q. Was wondering if you've seen the Ancient Alien series on the History channel? I've been watching it religiously and I'm totally blown away by the all the information being presented! Especially the Göbekli Tepe research! There is just no way those structures were built without advanced technology being implemented. Same with Giza, Mayan,Stonehenge, Nazca etc. Seems to me that the ET presence has been here a long, long time. See you on mars in my pajamas Whit! ;-))
by Michael Seminario, April 15, 2011
A. Ha ha, he makes a reference to being on Mars in his pajamas, which comes from a story that I told in my book about my childhood, the Secret School. I guess that sort of defines me, though--so far out there that I might as well be on Mars in my pajamas! I enjoyed the Ancient Aliens series and am now reading a terrific book by Joseph Farrell about the same topic, Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men.
Q. Is this for real? How many of these hybrids do you think there are and where are they be living? Not having read your book(s) yet, what is the hybrids purpose and how does it tie into the fears of 2012?
Anon, April 15, 2011
A. Personally, I have concerns about an increase in catastrophes on earth, but no particular fear of 2012. The other questions here require factual knowledge on a scale that we don't yet possess.
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