Whitley Strieber, New York Times Bestselling Author of Critical Mass, his new novel Hybrids


Hybrids was conceived between 1989 and 1994. In 1989, Whitley Strieber conducted research at a reputed alien base in Dulce New Mexico, which turned up enough evidence to suggest that something strange was happening there, but not enough to be certain of what it was.

Later, in 1994, he encountered a very strange person who seemed to be human, and yet not quite—a desperate, extremely shy individual who was half the size of a normal human and who seemed to live outdoors in all weather. When this individual showed up at the condo complex Whitley had moved to in Texas and many people saw him, Whitley began a long study of the possibility that alien-human hybrids could exist. Given what must be radically different genetic makeup, how could such a thing be possible? And why do it?

He concluded that something very bizarre was indeed happening. Otherwise, this bizarre creature would not have been seen climbing the walls of the condo complex, and jumping off balconies, feats that were not possible for a human being. If he had not been real, state social services would not have been called and he would never have had to abandon the condo complex in an apparent state of fury.

And yet, he wasn’t proof of the existence of alien-human hybrids, or of human beings with mysteriously altered genetic makeup.

When you read Hybrids, you see into Whitley’s own deepest and darkest thoughts about this bizarre phenomenon—what he cannot prove, but what he suspects may be true.